Quiz: Match The WWE Superstar To Their Catchphrase


On this day, 19 years ago, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin introduced the 'What' chant to the WWE Universe. 

And things were never the same again.

Perhaps the most annoying catchphrase ever in wrestling history, there's no denying the single word question/utterance caught on. Even to this day, WWE fans will invariably blare out 'What?' should a performer take even a slight breath in the middle of a promo. 

Some WWE talent have done a superb job of countering the 'what' chant, as shown in this video here, but with Austin starting the audience participation ever on August 13 2002, it got us thinking about other catchphrases.

So, for today's special quiz, we're asking you to match the WWE superstar to their catchphrase. Don't worry, we don't have many of them for you. Just 200! 

Best of luck!


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Mitch Waddon

Written by Mitch Waddon

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