Quiz: Name Every WWE Hardcore Champion

242 names, good luck!

We're not going to lie to you - we haven't got a clever hook for today's quiz. 

There is no noteworthy anniversary to point out. There is no stand-out birthday to celebrate. There is no particular reason whatsoever for presenting this specific quiz to you on this day, 23 September 2021.

I mean, for all you need to know, we pulled a random subject out of a magical quiz hat here in the editorial offices of Cultaholic HQ and - as per our agreement with the gods - we then have to provide a quiz about that very subject to our fabulous readers. 

Okay, it wasn't quite that mad. But there's been a lot of Hardcore Champions in WWE history and it seemed a nice, big topic to riddle you all on.

So that's what we're doing. There were 242 different reigns with the WWE Hardcore Title between 1998 and 2002. How many of them can you remember? 

Good luck!

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Mitch Waddon

Written by Mitch Waddon

Editor In Chief at Cultaholic.com