Quiz: Name The Wrestlers In The 2016 WWE Draft

63 names in 10 minutes - good luck!

On this day five years ago, separate brands and rosters returned to WWE.

As SmackDown went live for the first time, on the USA Network, WWE re-introduced the brand split after a five-year absence. On July 19 2016, the two brands' Commissioners and their General Managers set out selecting the talent they wanted representing Raw and SmackDown.

Every round of picks, Raw would get three talent while SmackDown got two, because of the extra hour the red brand has to fill of television every single week. 

A truly enjoyable evening of WWE television at the time, it felt like the brand split and having two rosters would mean something again. 

How we wish that was the case now. 

Anyway, can you remember the names of the talent drafted by Raw and by SmackDown on July 19 2016? 

That's the nature of today's quiz - you have ten minutes to get 63 names, and that includes the two people in charge of both Raw and SmackDown. 

Good luck! 

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Mitch Waddon

Written by Mitch Waddon

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