Quiz: Name The Wrestlers In WWE Iron Man Matches

36 names in 5 minutes - good luck!

The Iron Man Match, when done right, is one of the most thrilling forms of sports entertainment on WWE television.

The match type wasn't frequently used between the late 2000s and the early 2010s but has made a bit of a comeback in the last five years or so, featuring on both WWE shows and NXT events.

September 16 is actually the anniversary of WWE recording their first Iron Man Match shown on television. On September 18 2003, SmackDown broadcast, showing two of WWE's top stars competing in a 60-minute Iron Man Match for the WWE Title.

But can you remember who was in that match, and indeed every Iron Man Match that WWE has presented on television or pay-per-view? 

The Iron Man Match has also appeared on house shows a number of times, but we're not looking for those. We're looking for the 36 names associated with WWE or NXT that have appeared in a match with Iron Man rules on either television or pay-per-view.

We've given you the show, the date, and the relevant Championship up for grabs if there is one! Five minutes to get them all, good luck!

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