R-Truth Recalls John Cena Telling Him 'You Figured It Out' About His WWE Gimmick

Cena praised Truth for finding his mark

R-Truth has recalled John Cena walking up to him and saying 'you f**king figured it out' when it came to his WWE Gimmick.

Truth has enjoyed an incredible run in WWE, and has worked immensely as a fun, comedy character in recent years - something the record-breaking 24/7 Champion says is just an extension of his true self. 

The 49-year-old notes that Cena was one of the first people to come up to him when he tried the new gimmick and was in full support, telling him he'd finally cracked it.

Speaking during an appearance on HOT 97, Truth said: "I remember [John] Cena came to me once and he’s like ‘bro, you figured it out,’ and it’s just me being funny, me being entertaining. Because I’ve been a bad guy, I’ve been a good guy, I’ve been a crazy guy but me just being like you don’t know where I’m coming from and it’s entertaining and it takes people away from embracing monotony. 

"Cena was one of the first guys that came to me and he didn’t even say hey, he just walked up to me and said ‘you f**king figured it out,’ and it took me all that day and I said ‘I know what you’re talking about now,’ and he said he’s been waiting all day for me to answer him and I was like I got it...I just gotta be my damn self."

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