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On a recent episode of Desert Island Graps...

Rampage Brown is one of British wrestling's most recognisable stars having competed in PROGRESS Wrestling, RevPro, ICW, Defiant Wrestling, World Of Sport Wrestling and Ring Of Honor. Before this, however, Rampage enjoyed a short stint in WWE developmental in FCW from September 2010 until July 2011.

The former Defiant Wrestling Champion recently sat down for an interview with Tom Campbell on Desert Island Graps and discussed his run in the wrestling behemoth.  

Rampage spoke about his early stint in the company in which he would often team with NWA star Thomas Latimer. 

"They put us together as a tag team and they ended up putting us in some good matches," Brown said. "There was one specific one… They decided to put me and Tom against the tag team champions. It was Tyler Black, Seth Rollins, and Richie Steamboat. At that point, we'd had some decent matches and we'd gone in there and people were, 'Oh, they know what they're doing.' We’d got over that hump and it had been a few months that we'd been there and everyone knew us and stuff. 

"This time, we ended up having this tag team match and everything just went perfectly, the crowd was going nuts, they bit on everything… Everyone afterwards was like up in the air, all the boys backstage and the coaches and stuff, they were all patting us on the back and stuff and saying, 'That was fantastic.' So, that was just one of those moments like, 'Right, okay.' It felt like a little certification moment as a tag." 

The pair were separated soon after, however, and the former World Of Sport Wrestling Champion went on to face Jon Moxley in The Maestro Of Mayhem's second-ever WWE match.

Rampage said: "Situations change and things like that and I ended up having another match with Jon Moxley. I think it was his second match. He had a match the night before and I think he was a bit frustrated with it. I had his second match the next night... So, I remember having this match with Jon Moxley and getting in there with him and, again, he was just so on the money with everything. His timing was down, footwork, movement, everything, and it felt like I was back home. Just a seasoned guy that knew what he was doing."

Rampage did have a difficult time in FCW, however, as he would often train with bigger guys who were just starting to learn the ropes. This earned him and Latimer the nickname "baby mouth" because they'd always ended up with a bloody mouth after practice matches.

Brown added: "And when I went to the states it was a bit hit and miss because when I was in the UK I was wrestling guys that I'd wrestled on a regular basis. They knew what they were doing, right? And you had good chemistry with them. I'd be in developmental, I'd get a lot of the bigger guys that were still learning the ropes and clunky guys and they didn’t know how strong they was so they'd clean your clock on stuff all the time, or they'd be hard to move, or they'd refuse to move because they were bigger than you and you shouldn't be doing things to them, so they should just be doing things to you. And it would just paralyse you sometimes with certain things and it was frustrating, very frustrating. Especially when you was having to do that in training in front of nobody all the time. Putting the work in and you're being hurt for no reason. Like, they used to call me and Tom, 'Baby mouth,' because every Monday and Tuesday when we'd do practice matches we'd end up with our mouths bleeding because we'd just be getting leathered by people that were just learning the ropes."

Brown's time in FCW ended soon after partly because of problems backstage, but he also realised after a match with Husky Harris (Bray Wyatt) that WWE wanted to keep him at a certain level. This prompted him to leave the company so he could prove himself on the indies before possibly returning to the wrestling behemoth down the line. 

If you want to listen to Rampage's chat with Tom, you can find it here. Also, if you live in the North East of England and want to train as a professional wrestler, check out Rampage's wrestling school. He also runs training camps across the United Kingdom. 



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