Reason Why WWE Banned Intergender Wrestling Revealed

It's all got to do with toys...

It's a topic that will always be a contentious one in professional wrestling circles, but WWE have certainly nailed their colours to the mast when it comes to intergender wrestling.

Yes, Becky Lynch and the SmackDown Live women's roster had some physical interactions with James Ellsworth very recently, but outside of those and a few times a female will give a male Superstar a good old slap across the face, you just don't see it happening under Vince McMahon's watch. And now thanks to Dave Meltzer and his Wrestling Observer Newsletter - we possibly know the reason why.

Essentially, Vince McMahon and WWE promised toy makers Mattel that WWE's men would never be seen to be overpowering WWE's women in a physical manner.

Here's the full quote from this week's Newsletter: "WWE is very strict on men getting any physical moves in on women, besides how it would play to a general public audience and it really isn’t worth it for them to do it, is that that was a promise to Mattel years ago when the deal was first made that they would never portray men physically overpowering women."

The issue has come to light again after Dave also reported how new WWE signing WALTER couldn't touch Meiko Satomura during a mixed tag match for Fight Club Pro. Here's what Meltzer wrote: "Walter had a mixed tag match where woman wrestler Meiko Satomura was on the other team. At no point could Walter do any moves to Satomura. To get around it, he kept trying chops and she kept ducking and hitting counters."

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