Recent WWE RAW Match Finish Didn't Go According To Plan

A recent WWE RAW didn’t go to plan

The November 6 edition of WWE RAW saw The Miz emerge victorious from a fatal four way match, becoming the number one contender to Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER in the process.

The Miz defeated Ivar, Ricochet, and Bronson Reed in the match, but the finish didn’t go according to plan. As Miz pinned Reed, Ivar pinned Ricochet, with Ricochet kicking out at two as Miz got the three to visible confusion. The original plan was for a double pin scenario, and Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio indicated that Ricochet kicked out on instinct after suffering a possible concussion:

“If you watch the match, this was not the planned finish. Like, everyone in the ring is confused, they’re all looking around like, ‘what the hell is going on here?’ The referee is trying to stop The Miz from celebrating and trying to stop the ring announcer for announcing The Miz as the winner.

“So, I am 99% positive that Ricochet was supposed to be pinned, but he kicked out, because he was messed up. Everyone is confused, and the referee makes a deal and it ends up with Ivar laying out The Miz afterward and destroying him with a giant moonsault and leaving him for dead. The crowd chants ‘You suck’… Ricochet was led off, and he is in the concussion protocol,” said Alvarez.

There is no word on if Ricochet did indeed suffer a concussion during the match or not.

H/T: Ringside News

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