Report: AEW "Very Upset" With Sammy Guevara Over Chair Spot On Dynamite

The Spanish God reportedly threw the wrong chair...

On this week's episode of Dynamite, the rivalry between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara intensified as the two stars brawled around the ringside area. During the confrontation, Hardy was busted open and required 13 stitches after The Spanish God tossed a chair at his head. 

Bryan Alvarez reported on Wrestling Observer Radio people in AEW were "very upset" with Guevara over the incident and he received a "very stern talking to" after he headed to the back.

Alvarez said: "Matthew Hardy got about 10 stitches afterwards and Sammy got a very stern talking to by a number of people afterwards who were very upset with this."

Alvarez provided additional details about the incident on Wrestling Observer Live and revealed The Broken One was busted open because Sammy couldn't find the steel chair he was supposed to use for the spot and decided to improvise and use a much heavier chair instead.

He added: "Apparently there were two chairs out there. One of them was your traditional folding chair and the idea was Sammy would throw the flat part of it just like Sabu. Matt Hardy who you saw got his arms up, it was just supposed to be a chair shot with no blood. 

"Now, the problem was they're out there in the heat of the moment and Sammy was very excited and he looked around and he couldn't find that chair. So instead, he found one of those really heavy chairs, a totally different kind of chair and he panicked and he threw it, and he hit Matt Hardy and he busted him open and Matt Hardy needed 13 stitches."

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