Report: 'Big Plans' For New World Heavyweight Championship

WWE has big plans in store for the new World Heavyweight Title

One current criticism which has made the rounds regarding the introduction of the brand-new WWE World Heavyweight Championship has been the fact that it could be seen as a consolation prize to Roman Reigns’ Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. However, WWE is set about not making it feel that way for long. 

A report from @BoozerRasslin on twitter has revealed that ‘big plans’ are in store for the new belt, and gave some insight on the plans for this new title. The idea to introduce this prize dated all the way to September, with the USA Network apparently pushing to have their own world title belt on their Monday Night Raw show. 

It was noted that there is some uncertainty about the actual lineage of this title, and whether it is something brand-new or if it will take the lineage of the old World Heavyweight Title, which clearly influenced the design of this new one. Boozer followed up with this by saying big plans will “catapult the title to its original status”, and explaining that these plans to elevate it will be happening in the very near future.

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Written by Andrew Kelly