Report: Brandi Rhodes Wasn't Well Liked In AEW

Brandi was not seen as an 'asset' to the company

On a recent audio show, Wade Keller gave more details on what led to Cody and Brandi Rhodes leaving All Elite Wrestling. 

According to Keller, Brandi was not well liked backstage in AEW. 

"So I'll just say this. It sounds mean but nobody has anything nice to say about Brandi Rhodes and her disposition or popularity behind the scenes and I'm not saying that with any personal satisfaction or preference for her to be liked or not liked. I'm just telling you when I talk to people, Brandi has not been seen as an asset on camera, in the ring, or behind the scenes. And so that ended up being baggage with Cody because people like Cody, pretty universally like Cody. Even people who say bad things about Cody like Cody if that makes sense".

Following news of their departures, Brandi - who worked as AEW's Chief Brand Officer as well as an on-screen talent - released a statement on her social media channels thanking the company.

There is currently widespread speculation that Cody will soon sign with WWE and could factor into the company's WrestleMania plans. It is unknown whether Brandi would join him in returning to the company.

Brandi previously worked for WWE as ring announcer and backstage interviewer Eden, before leaving in 2016 around the same time as her husband. 


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