Report: Coronavirus Outbreak Within WWE NXT

The third wave of multiple positive tests since June...

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, WWE has had two large coronavirus outbreaks. In late June, at least 30 people at the Performance Center tested positive for COVID-19 and Renee Young, Kayla Braxton, Adam Pearce and Jamie Noble all publicly confirmed they had contracted the virus. There was then another outbreak in early August which resulted in SmackDown tapings being cut short.

WWE had a third wave of positive tests a couple of weeks ago according to Fightful Select. They reported there were "many" positive tests within NXT which led to WWE creative being "conservative" with some aspects of the episodes. Several classes at the Performance Center were also cancelled as a result of the outbreak. 

Jon Alba of Spectrum Sports 360 later provided additional details. He noted some people at the Performance Center had become relaxed with mask-wearing, especially in areas where people congregate and the company believes the outbreak originated from a coach at the PC. Fightful noted face masks are mandatory at the Performance Center while outside of the ring, but they are optional when working in the gym area or inside the squared circle. 

Alba tweeted: "Source indicates some have gotten relaxed with mask wearing, especially in spots where some people congregate and there was concern over that. Am told people were still testing positive as recently as this weekend, with the belief being a coach accidentally spread it. #WWE #NXT."

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