Report: Daniel Bryan's WWE Contract Expired After Friday's Match

What's next for the former World champion?

Daniel Bryan is apparently a free agent, and no longer under contract to WWE, according to a report from Sean Ross Sapp at Fightful Select.

Notes from Sapp's report include, "Fightful has spoken with sources both inside and outside of WWE that have indicated that Daniel Bryan's WWE contract either expired or was set to expire last week, after his Smackdown match.

"High level sources both outside and inside have noted that they'd heard of the expiration of the deal, but that Bryan had not spoken openly about his contract status that they're aware of. We also hadn't heard of any particular farewells backstage as if he wasn't going to be around, although that doesn't mean they didn't happen privately."

Bryan lost to Universal champion Roman Reigns on Friday night's episode of SmackDown. Per the pre-match stipulation, Bryan was banished from SmackDown.

Subsequently, Bryan's profile was moved to the site's alumni section.

In a recent interview with TVLine, Bryan was tight-lipped about the exact end of his WWE contract, but did note that it wasn't ending in September, as some had speculated (due to one of his prior deals have an expiration of September 2018, before he ultimately re-signed with WWE).

What this means for Bryan going forward is not clear. In recent interviews, Bryan has discussed working for multiple promotions, and trying to get WWE to allow him the freedom to do so.

Bryan has also been vocal about the state of his health, particularly his neck. He mentioned in the TVLine interview that as far as his wrestling future goes, he's not sure how much action he would be willing to commit to, in deference to his physical state.

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