Report: New AEW Show Possibly Coming Soon?

AEW are set for bumper tapings in October

It’s no secret that AEW’s roster is fit to burst, and only so many talents get the opportunity to shine on television, but could that be set to change with a new TV show? A recent report suggests it could be a possibility.

AEW’s schedule shows that the company will have two TV tapings per week for the whole of October, with Dynamite and Rampage being taped separately for the month. Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer suggests that this move could pave the way for a new AEW show to be taped with Dynamite or Rampage.

“Given they are booking buildings in October, one would think an announcement would be made very soon. But they are clearly in the plans to increase the production amount of in-ring product if they are taping two nights a week regularly, whether that means more streaming or more television, that will remain to be seen,” said Meltzer.

Tony Khan had said that he wants to ‘get aggressive’ with these October Rampages, and with fan perception being that Rampage in its current form is often skippable it remains to be seen if this will lead to significant changes to how the show is put together.

Usually AEW will tape Rampage straight after Dynamite - aside for live Rampages on PPV weekends - but with this double-show-weekly formula for October it frees up time for additional shows to be taped, with Meltzer speculating it could be the long rumoured All Elite Women - if this is a wrestling show and not a reality show - or possibly the long awaited Ring of Honor TV show.

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