Report: Reason Behind Several WWE Draft Picks Revealed

Carmella & R-Truth split up?! Why?

The WWE Draft took place on television over the last week, with the USA Network and Fox building their exclusive rosters as the Wild Card Rule became a thing of the past.

Speaking on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has shed some light on a few of the more surprising picks made.

The headlines see Carmella moving to SmackDown as the company appear to be keeping real-life couples together on the road, Humberto Carillo is set for a big push on Raw, and Authors of Pain will be heading to Monday nights.

The following compilation of Meltzer's findings comes from reddit user u/theredshoes.

  • Carmella and R-Truth were broken up because USA wanted the 24/7 title (since it was their idea) but since Carmella is dating Corey Graves, they had to put Carmella on Smackdown.

  • Paul Heyman got "all of his guys" (except Brock) and "SmackDown got the leftovers."

  • Humberto Carillo is set to be groomed as the next generation Hispanic star.

  • Paul Heyman is very high on Buddy Murphy - more than anyone else, Dave assumed he would go to RAW for Heyman. He also mentioned Heyman really wanting Aleister Black.

  • The Miz going to Smackdown was a change, Dave speculates because of the leaks.

  • AoP are going to be on RAW, despite not being drafted.

  • Meltzer noted that RAW is loaded up with great workers who aren't over - so Heyman's goal is to now get these guys over (guys like Murphy, Alexander, Tozawa etc).

  • Meltzer says that they weren't intending to do another draft before the FOX move- the rosters for RAW and Smackdown were going to be what they were after the Superstar Shake-up in April. Says he doesn't know why that changed. Says it was most likely due to popping a rating, hence the minimal changes.

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