Report: TNT Shut Down Plans For The Elite To Wear Squid Game Outfits On AEW Dynamite

Almost no Ghostbusters

TNT ain't afraid of no budge but they draw the line at Squid Game. 

With Halloween just around the corner, The Elite wore special outfits for their main event match on Wednesday's AEW Dynamite against Dark Order. Making their way to the ring to a Ghostbusters-inspired theme, Kenny Omega and co. put on their proton packs and boiler suits and went to war against Dark Order alongside the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. 

It all went downhill for The Elite, though, as "Hangman" Adam Page was revealed as the Marshmallow Man and he took out The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega before John Silver pinned Matt Jackson for the win. 

Hangman's reveal, which looks set to become an iconic AEW moment, almost never happened, though.

According to Fightful Select, The Elite originally wanted to use Squid Game-inspired costumes and entrance music but WarnerMedia or TNT found out about the plans and shut them down. Why TNT or WarnerMedia did so is currently unknown but a source indicated that TNT didn't understand how much of a parody the outfits and entrance music were going to be. There was no heat on either party from the situation. 

After those plans, were shut down, The Elite pivoted to Ghostbusters instead. 

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