Report: WWE Potentially Unveiling New Title Belt

Could WWE unveil a new title belt?

WWE recently introduced the new and reimagined World Heavyweight Championship, with Seth Rollins becoming inaugural champion at Night of Champions on May 27.

However, it seems that WWE could be set to give one of their more well established titles a refresh, with a report from Fightful Select stating that WWE could be set to introduce a new WWE Universal Championship belt.

SmackDown on June 2 marks Roman Reigns’ 1,000th day as Universal Champion, and WWE creative notes and memos suggested that a ‘new’ WWE Universal Championship could be presented to Reigns during a title celebration segment. Said memos also mentioned a podium on which a new title could be unveiled.

The report also states that WWE creative believe the segment would be similar to when The Rock unveiled the new WWE Championship in 2013, but was also quick to add the caveat that plans can always change, and such information has been gleamed from memos and internal discussions. There is also no word on whether this proposed new belt would be replacing the Universal Championship, or would be a substitute for both the Universal and WWE Championships - both of which are currently held by Roman Reigns.

Since being introduced in 2016, the general design of the Universal Championship has remained the same, although the strap has changed colour depending on which brand the title was exclusive to. When The Fiend Bray Wyatt ran with the title in 2019 he had a custom championship belt, but this reverted to the standard Universal Championship design when his run ended.

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