Report: WWE SmackDown After WrestleMania 39 Considered An Important Event To Determine Vince McMahon's Involvement In Creative

A big day for WWE & Vince McMahon on Friday

Mere hours after he claimed he would only be involved in WWE creative on a "higher level", Vince McMahon dived straight into the weeds for the post-WrestleMania 39 edition of Monday Night Raw.

A WWE meeting with talent had stated ahead of the show that nothing would be changing, only for McMahon to then walk through the door and reportedly tear up creative plans for Raw. The 77-year-old then implemented numerous changes to the script, with those changes still being made after Raw went on the air. McMahon also took over from Triple H on the headset as Raw went on, firmly placing himself in charge of WWE creative once again. 

Reports have indicated that Triple H will remain Chief Content Officer and Vince McMahon will hold final say over creative but the level of McMahon's direct interference remains to be seen. 

The SmackDown after WrestleMania 39 on Friday, April 7 "will be a big test and an important day for the company" in determining the level of Vince McMahon's involvement with creative, one WWE higher-up told Fightful Select. McMahon was already in Los Angeles for WrestleMania when the Raw after WrestleMania happened, but if he decides to travel to Portland, Oregon for SmackDown, regardless of if he's at Gorilla or not, it will be considered "a huge negative sign to talent and staff."

Important people within WWE are unsure about Vince McMahon's plans for SmackDown in regards to his attendance at the show and they also didn't know the 77-year-old was planning to make changes to Raw on Monday.

McMahon's reassertion at the top of WWE creative comes after he agreed to sell WWE to Endeavor and merge with UFC in a deal that was announced on Monday, April 3. Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel noted McMahon continuing with WWE was invaluable to the deal and Vince will be Executive Chairman of the new parent company that controls UFC and WWE. 

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