REVEALED: How WWE 2K24 Superstar Ratings Are Decided

Everything you need to know about how WWE 2K24 Superstar ratings are determined

Unlike previous games, WWE 2K24 has a much wider range of ratings for Superstars, with some surprising ratings being Austin Theory at 72, Karrion Kross at 75, and Big E at 78. 

Bryan Williams, one of the developers of WWE 2K24 at Visual Concepts, revealed to Rob Pasbani of Knotfest how the Superstar ratings are determined. 

"We, as a team, we just felt that there was an abundance of characters in the 90s and the high 80s, which is great, I'm sure, for the talent. Like, 'Oh yeah, of course I'm a 98 or a 97, that makes sense to me.' For us on the design side, we're really big on character differentiation and making sure that when you select a character that they are of their appropriate hierarchy on the card because not everybody can be a Roman Reigns. You have people that are at the tippity top of the card and then you have people that are not, but there's no slight on anybody. I talked to some of the talents about it and Greg Miller who did the ratings reveal, he did his best to explain that we're doing something different this year," Williams stated.

"We're basically looking at the last calendar year and that's what we do with the current talents. We say 'Okay, what has Zelina Vega been on from the time we shipped last year to now?' Like, how's her rise? Akira Tozawa, Sami Zayn, Bronson Reed, Bron Breakker. You know, we kind of take all that into account to kind of see did they hold championships? Were they winning more than they were losing? Are they consistently pushed in a certain area? All that goes into effect. But, it has been cool to see on programming when matches occur and they'll put the game rating of the characters on the screen."

Williams then noted that WWE does have some input on the Superstar ratings but Visual Concepts are largely left to their own devices. 

"It's mostly us. It's 98 per cent us. The WWE, they trust us. I think we are trusted partners with them. We're always trying to do right by them and their talents," Williams added.

WWE 2K24 is available now on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The first DLC pack will be released in May with subsequent packs following until December. 

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