Revealed: WWE Reaction To Jey Uso's Raw Run So Far

How does WWE feel about Jey Uso's singles push on Raw?

A recent report by Fightful Select has shed light on WWE's reaction to Jey Uso's run as a singles star so far.

Jey moved from the SmackDown brand to Raw in the aftermath of his loss to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. This has taken him away from the other members of the Bloodline and seen him booked more as a singles Superstar. He has also been a focal point of the show from week to week, almost being tempted into joining the Judgement Day, clashing with the likes of Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre, and striking up a friendship with Cody Rhodes.

Fightful Select's report states:

"Those that we spoke to said that [Jey] Uso is tentatively planned for a long term, heavily featured role that should carry at least through the next two months, and will be getting a lot of screen time. WWE officials were very happy with the reactions to Uso."

The post also mentions that one of the goals of the Bloodline angle was to "launch" Jey into singles stardom, and that the overall mood regarding this plan is "so far, so good."

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