Rhyno Scheduled To Appear On Upcoming South American Tour Despite WWE Raw Firing

What's going on with the Man Beast?

Out of absolutely nowhere on last night's WWE Raw, the team of Rhyno and Heath Slater were told by Baron Corbin that one of them would be fired. The General Manager Elect suggested that the pair decide among themselves which would be keeping their job and which would be fired, but with the first-ever SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions flapping under the pressure, Corbin booked a match where the loser would be sent home without his employment intact.

As you've probably guessed from the title of this article, Rhyno lost what turned out to be a 90-second match, and was fired.

Despite an apparent firing taking place on Raw, the Man Beast and former ECW Champion is still scheduled to appear on the upcoming WWE South American tour that kicks off tomorrow - PWInsider are reporting.

I guess it must be stressed at times like these, a WWE card is always subject to change.

PWInsider's findings are especially surprising when you consider the fact that Rhyno revealed to the live crowd at Raw that he was actually retiring. After the match, and during a televised commercial break, the 43-year-old was interviewed and broke the... news... (?)

It's hard to know if this is for real or part of a storyline at the time of writing.

What certainly is part of a storyline is Heath Slater's current situation. By winning the match against Rhyno, the One Man Band was able to keep his job and continue to provide for his catalogue of children. However, upon arriving backstage, Slater was informed by Baron Corbin that he would no longer be an in-ring competitor, but a referee instead.

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