Ric Flair Considering Lawsuit Following "Peeping Tom" Incident At Restaurant

Ric Flair considering lawsuit over "peeping tom" incident

Ric Flair is considering filing a lawsuit after he was asked to leave a restaurant. 

Flair, who was a patron at the Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza restaurant, was asked to leave the establishment recently, with Flair noting that he was kicked out of the restaurant after taking issue with how long the kitchen manager spent in the bathroom. 

"I Spent $1500 At @PiesanosSFP To Be Disrespected More Than I Ever Have In My Entire Life. After Taking 20 Pictures With Customers And Staff, I Was Asked To Leave Because Of An Issue I Had With The Kitchen Manager Taking Too Long In The Bathroom. I Would Highly Recommend That Anyone Who Wants To Enjoy A Relaxing Time In Gainesville At A Nice Restaurant To Never Visit This Place! WOOOOO!" Flair tweeted on X.

Piesanos stated following the incident that the "evidence was clear" about why Flair was kicked out. Footage of the incident has since leaked online and Flair can be seen accosting staff members, complaining about how he was treated by the restaurant's manager, who he called "Nicholas D*ckhead." Flair also offered to pay a waitress $1000 if she would tell the manager to "Kiss my ass." 

Flair was told he was being asked to leave the restaurant for swearing at the kitchen manager, which he denied in the video. Flair later admitted to the Gainesville Sun that he did curse at the individual. The video ended with another patron offering to fight Flair outside. 

Flair told the Gainesville Sun that issues began when he went to use the restroom and was approached by a member of the restaurant's staff. Flair informed them that he doesn't shake hands or take photos in bathrooms, at which point the employee went into the restroom stall. 

After a few minutes, Flair told the Gainesville Sun that he could see the employee through the cracks in the stall "texting away".

"Any man that goes into a bathroom knows you can see into the stall. I said, 'Get your ass off there, I need to use the restroom,'" Flair added.

After finishing in the restroom, a female member of staff allegedly called Flair a "peeping tom" and a "creep." This led to the confrontation with the Piesanos manager, as Flair said he wasn't going to tolerate a "pretty offensive remark." 

"I'll be quite honest with you, I was p*ssed because I didn't do anything wrong. It's my word against the kitchen employee and it makes no sense. I admit to everything I said. I have no problem with it because I was mad," Flair told the Gainesville Sun.

Flair has since said he is considering filing a lawsuit over the incident, while claiming he has the money to buy the restaurant and rename it "Ric Flair's Italian Bistro." 

Flair still left a $1000 tip to a pair of bartenders at Piesanos but the restaurant's co-owner Jerry Roberts rejected the tip and paid the employees the money out of the ownership team's pocket. 

Roberts said: "It was really a matter of principle on how our team was treated and no matter how much money someone's willing to spend, if they're not going to treat our team with respect, we just felt like that was the right thing to do."

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