Ric Flair Thinks Eric Bischoff Is Still A Pr*ck

Ric Flair isn't too happy with Easy E

Bad blood is still brewing between Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff. 

On a recent edition of his To Be The Man podcast, the 16-time world champion referred to Bischoff as an 'arrogant pr*ck' and noted that he still harbours a grudge against the former Senior Vice President of WCW. 

While discussing an upcoming documentary profiling his life and career, Flair took aim at his fellow WWE Hall of Famer, saying: 

"I'm p*ssed off at Eric. Everybody wants to think there was animosity with me and Hulk. Hulk didn't sign my checks, Eric did. Eric f*cked me every time he turned around. When he sees my documentary, he is still a pr*ck in it. He's still a pr*ck. He's an arrogant pr*ck".

Co-host Conrad Thompson then suggested having the two men speak together publicly at a future Starrcast event, an idea that the Nature Boy seemed receptive to. 

"You got to see what he says to me in this, and then they go, 'He said a lot of good things Ric. Well, this kind of fits the narrative'. I said, 'It sure did. It's dead on'. He's just a pr*ck. I'd love to do it one on one".

The issues between Flair and Bischoff date back to when they were working together in WCW during the late 90s. The tension boiled over when Bischoff joined WWE as an on-screen talent in 2002, with Flair once attacking him backstage.

After that, however, the two were able to coexist in WWE and later in TNA.

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