Rick Boogs: WWE Gave Me 12 Hours To Learn Shinsuke Nakamura's Theme On The Guitar

Boogs debuted in May 2021

Rick Boogs has revealed he had 12 hours' notice from WWE that he was required for his first appearance on Friday Night SmackDown, and had to learn how to play Shinsuke Nakamura's theme music on the guitar in that time. 

Boogs debuted on SmackDown in May of this year, playing Nakamura to the ring with his electric guitar, and has become a regular partner for the new Intercontinental Champion on the blue brand. 

Boogs has now admitted, however, that he had only dallied with playing guitar for the last 15 years, but WWE only gave him 12 hours' notice that he would need to play Nakamura's theme music the next night.

Speaking on the After The Bell Podcast, Boogs said: ""Let's just say I was shocked. I had, I would say about maybe 12 hours of heads up. I got a text the night before to be at SmackDown and that this is what I was gonna do.

"Now, let's keep in mind that, sure, I dilly dally a little bit with guitar, but I hadn't played guitar, other than maybe a little bit here and there... I hadn't practiced in like 15 years. From time to time maybe I'll do something simple and easy, whatever, may just put it on Instagram or whatever, but it's not like I practice, you know... So let me learn this.

"Then, of course, you know, I'm like, 'Yes, I'll do it.' But the anticipation and the nerves with that, man... Like, not just playing guitar, because I was in a band in high school. Not a very serious band. I think the biggest crowd we played in front of was only 25 people.

"So now it's like, well, can you learn this thing in a matter of hours and everyone's gonna judge you and it's going to be in front of millions of people. Right, and it's not really what I do."

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