Riddle: Vince McMahon Called Me A Goof When I Joined WWE

"I get to be goofy because I can break your neck..."

Riddle has revealed WWE Chairman Vince McMahon said to him "you're kind of a goof" the first time the duo had a conversation. 

Riddle's laid-back 'bro' persona is complimented by his background as a legitimate former UFC fighter, but the transformation between the two in and out of the ring seems to have confused the WWE boss. 

The new United States champion revealed the details of his first meeting with McMahon, during which he called Riddle 'a goof', something the 35-year-old did not mind as it is a part of who he is. 

Riddle believes his relaxed 'bro' nature works because he can actually hurt people in the ring. 

Speaking on WWE's The Bump, he said: "I come off like a goof. Even Vince [McMahon], the first time, he's like, 'You're kind of a goof.' I'm like, 'Yeah, I know I'm kind of a goof.'

"'That's not a good thing.' For me, it is because I can back it up. I'm tough, I can fight. Being a goof for me is good. A lot of people are like, 'he's so goofy.' You guys realise I get to be goofy because I can break your neck and knock you unconscious. I'm 35 and get to be a goofball because I'm a savage in the ring." 

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