Rikishi Details His Thinking Behind Hell In a Cell Bump At WWE Armageddon 2000

"What can I do to steal that away and have people talk about it years down the line?"

Rikishi has recalled his thinking behind taking the horrific fall off the Hell In A Cell in the WWE Championship match at Armageddon 2000.

In one of the most memorable moments in Hell In A Cell history, Rikishi was pushed backwards off the top of the structure onto a flatbed truck by The Undertaker, taking one of the biggest bumps of his career. 

The WWE Hall Of Famer has now revealed the moment came about as a result of his desire to steal the show, despite not being the guy winning the match, and feeling like it was his time to do so. 

Speaking on Insight With Chris Van Vliet, Rikishi said: "I knew I wasn’t the person going over in that match, but I also thought, ‘What can I do to steal that away and have people talk about it years down the line?’ It was very nerve-wracking. 

"I watched Mick Foley fall off and [he] could have died in any of those bumps. It was my time [to be thrown], and Undertaker was known for throwing people off [the cell]. I never knew that when my time came, it would be taking a bump backwards onto a steel flatbed truck. There’s no rewind from that.

"When he [Undertaker] grabbed me, my last words to him were ‘Tell my family I love them.’ But it’s that moment, you can’t turn back now. This is what you signed up for, what you trained for. People have paid their hard earned money to watch you guys do what you do best. I’m thankful that I was safe and they still play my high spot in the years to come."

Rikishi admitted that there was some padding in the truck but a combination of the height and his own weight meant it did very little to break his fall. 

The now 55-year-old was given a standing ovation upon his return to the back, as a show of respect for his willingness to take the bump.

He added: "They did have padding in that truck. But when you’re coming from a 50 foot cage and you weigh 450lbs, I hit every part of that steel flatbed and the truck went to the springs. Man, I was so full of anxiety in the moment.

"When I landed you can see my lips shaking. I moved my toes to make sure I had feeling in my body. I was laid out and they drove that truck to the back and everybody in gorilla gave me a standing ovation. After that I said ‘I’m doing that [big bump] one time and that’s it!'"

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