Rob Van Dam Recalls Heated Backstage Confrontation With Kurt Angle

Did RVD tell Angle to 'pick a hand'?

Rob Van Dam recently recalled a backstage confrontation he had with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle in the early days of his WWE career. 

Speaking about the incident during his 1 of a Kind podcast, RVD noted that a botched spot and subsequent comment made by the Olympic gold medallist led to him straightening things out in the locker room.

"I remember one time he said something to me. We did something, there was something we might have bumped heads or something in the ring. I don't know what it was. That match was almost over and he said something. It wasn't a big deal but something I remember that he was like, 'You're not listening to me', and I took so much offense to that you know being the veteran that and just being in a position that I was and I'm like 'What? I'm not listening to you?'. And the match ended and he left first. I had myself all worked up and when I went back there, I went straight to him.

"I was like 'Kurt, let's talk outside right now'. I was like so steaming and he came out there and I said, 'I'm not listening to you? Is that what you tell me? I need to listen to you. Who the f**k are you?'. And he’s like, 'What?'. And I said, 'You said I'm not listening to you'. He goes, 'No, I didn't'. I go, 'Dude! That's exactly what you said'. [Kurt says] 'No, I didn't say that. Did I? Nah, I don't think I said that. I didn't mean it if I said that'. And it was just like that, like it was just like over and funny then at that point just because he was being crazy Kurt".

Angle himself recently spoke about how much he enjoyed working with Van Dam and how the former ECW Champion would be "full of ideas" after getting high. 

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