Rob Van Dam: Retirement Is "The Only Thing I Have Left To Do"

Van Dam turns 50 in December...

Three decades into his wrestling career, Rob Van Dam is still going, recently taking on Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan in Impact Wrestling. But even the former WWE, ECW, and TNA World champion admits that there isn't much of a bucket list for him in the business these days.

Speaking with Pro Wrestling Junkies, Van Dam admits that the only thing left for him to accomplish in wrestling is to end his career, which he knows is coming some day.

"A retirement match," Van Dam responded, to being asked about what's left. "Maybe a retirement tour, but even that ends with a retirement match. Besides that, I don't have the passion anymore. I enjoy doing it because I'm a showoff and it's just what I do. It really isn't what I'm all about. It's easy to think of us as fictional characters, and to think that they must hold me back by putting me in a cage because I want to wrestle so bad, but that's not the case.

"I'm not saying it's going to be tomorrow; I'm also not saying it's not going to be tomorrow. That's just the only thing I have left to do. Someday."

(Credit to Wrestling Inc for transcription)

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