ROH's Silas Young: "I Think I Can Do Real Well In AEW"

Could The Last Real Man be All Elite?

While Silas Young has been a regular performer in Ring Of Honor since 2012, The Last Real Man is now open to taking more bookings and Young believes he would do "real well" in All Elite Wrestling.

This comes after Ring Of Honor announced they would be going on hiatus following Final Battle in December until Supercard of Honor in April 2022. All talent were also released from their contracts, which will take effect at the end of the year. Talent are free to take independent wrestling bookings immediately, though. 

Speaking about the changes with, Young admitted he is trying to find the silver lining from the situation which is that he will be able to wrestle more going forward.

"This phone call was hard for everybody. Everybody was down in the dumps and you start worrying about stuff and worrying about what you're going to do, where you're going to get your next paycheque from and when you're going to pay bills. I've dedicated the last 20 years of my life to pro wrestling and I look at it as it's this or bust. With that said, the last two years, we barely worked at all. We barely wrestled and I missed doing shows regularly," Young began.

"I'm trying to look at this whole situation and trying to find the silver lining a little bit. I missed wrestling and now I get the opportunity to get out there and work some indies. Ring of Honor is allowing us to take independent bookings at the moment while we're under contract, which is much appreciated."

Young then noted that he would love to sign with another major promotion and he believes he could do "real well" in AEW.

"I would love to go to a place like AEW, IMPACT, or WWE. That would be a no-brainer answer, but at the same time, I'm excited to get out there and work. I've managed to pick up some bookings in the last few days. I'm excited to get out there and working regularly again and work in front of crowds where the fans are on top of you and almost as much as part of the show as you are. I'm excited about it, but clearly, I would like to land somewhere big where you can have a big global reach," he continued.

"I think I can do real well in AEW. They have a lot of younger guys, but no one who is really doing anything like I do there. I think it's something I can be a good fit in. Honestly, I think I can be a good fit with any company. I can wrestle all different styles and wrestle anybody. We'll just have to see what the future holds."

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