Roman Reigns Announces That He's In Remission

The best thing you'll hear all day

Roman Reigns appeared on WWE Raw on Monday night, updating fans worldwide on his ongoing battle with leukemia. As many had speculated over the preceding days, the update ended up being good news.

Both Reigns' mother Patricia and The Rock's mother, Ata Johnson, were in the front row for his announcement, which began with him thanking the fans profusely. At one juncture, Reigns responded to a loud, "This is your yard", chant by saying, "This is our yard."

Before long, after reiterating his gratefulness to the fans for their well-wishes and prayers, Reigns got to the heart of the matter, declaring that he had officially entered remission.

"We didn't just swing for the fences, ya'll - we hit a home run," a happy Reigns told the fans in Atlanta.

At one point before making the news official, many fans attempted to chant "WrestleMania", which he laughed off, noting he had to "crawl before he can walk."

While an in-ring return is still some time off, the announcement is indeed the best news. We here at Cultaholic wish nothing but continued good health and happiness for Roman and his family going forward.

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