Roman Reigns To Appear At Beginning Of WWE Raw

What Superstar Shakeup?

Despite crossing over to SmackDown in the 2019 Superstar Shakeup (which still seems to be ferrying wrestlers across brand lines, even after it should've ended), Roman Reigns tweeted Sunday that he'll be at Raw to handle some "business" that's apparently gone unaddressed.

WWE's official Twitter kept up with the angle by denying Reigns' statement, and Reigns defiantly responded that he'll be there, kicking things off at 8 PM.

Coincidentally, SmackDown's live event scheduled for Monday night in Corbin, KY was recently, and suddenly, postponed, with October 17 announced as the makeup date. This frees Reigns (and potentially other SmackDown wrestlers) up to have some kind of involvement on Raw.

Reigns' impending appearance on Raw comes as the drop in WWE's TV ratings becomes a major talking point. Raw last Monday averaged a garish 2.16 million viewers, a number that would be considered low in the fall during football season, let alone at the end of April. That 2.16 million marked a nine percent drop from the previous week.

Raw Monday night will have to contend with two highly-anticipated NBA playoff games, one of which (the Milwaukee Bucks vs. the Boston Celtics) tips off one hour before Raw goes on the air.

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