Sasha Banks Shoots On WWE Creative's Booking Of Women On The Steve Austin Show

The Boss had a very honest and intriguing discussion on Stone Cold's podcast.

Sasha Banks was a recent guest on Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast, and the pair covered many topics - but the most interesting was perhaps Sasha's opinion on WWE's creative process.

The Boss spoke frankly about the booking of the women's division, explaining that aside from feuds involving the women's championship on either brand, the other wrestlers usually have no proper storylines. She added that she's pleased to be currently involved with the new Absolution stable - Paige, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville - as they've been the first women in a while to be given dedicated creative direction aside from the champions:

'They only really write for the championship match. Hopefully we get some Tag Team Women's Championships coming up so we have more of a story.'

Clearly Banks isn't taking a totally negative view of the writers' treatment of her division, but is instead remaining positive about the continued evolution of women's wrestling. She later spoke of her wish for a women's Royal Rumble match.

She also implicitly hinted at dissatisfaction with the modern day WWE babyface. When asked by Austin whether she preferred wrestling as a heel or face, she opted for the former, speaking about the limitations of playing a rule-abiding role.

'In today's day and age I feel like all these babyfaces are really the heels, and all these heels are really the babyfaces - because that's what the fans are cheering now. The fans are just cheering the heels and booing the babyfaces because they want to see people kick ass. They want to see them saying stuff and doing stuff in more of a gritty way [...]'

Clearly Banks, like many on WWE's current roster, is finding it a challenge to be a unique babyface in the PG era. It's worth noting that this wasn't framed as an outright complaint against the way WWE do things, but as a challenge that she takes responsibility to overcome. At one point she stated that she is still learning how to be a babyface every day.

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