Scott Hall Produced Debut Match For NXT's 7-Foot-3 Jordan Omogbehin

"The Bad Guy" providing wisdom...

We recently reported on the debut of the 7'3", 300-plus pound Jordan Omogbehin, the Nigerian-born former college basketball player-turned-NXT prospect that demolished two men in a handicap match in his first wrestling outing.

As it turns out, that debut match was overseen by one of the best big men the sport has ever seen, former four-time WWE Intercontinental champion Scott Hall.

Hall revealed on best friend Sean Waltman's 12360 podcast that he agented the match for the company's young goliath, after visiting the Performance Center last month.

Said Hall, "We had a mini big guy summit, I got to watch films with the bigger guys, have one-on-ones with some of them, get in the ring and talk about their different move sets and what they got and stuff. And I saw this new kid they have down there, Jordan (Omogbehin), big kid about 7’4’ about 440 (lbs), just a monster, and I was there for his debut match. I got to produce it.

"And it’s just that connection, you know how it is when you connect with a guy and when he doesn’t know anything and you teach him something. And then you have a relationship with that person for the rest of your career."

(Quotes transcribed by Fightful)

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