Scotty 2 Hotty Reveals Vince McMahon Wanted WWE Coaches To Look Younger

The Chairman supposedly requested they cut and dye their hair

Former WWE star and ex-Performance Center coach Scott 'Scotty 2 Hotty' Garland was the guest on the latest episode of Talk is Jericho

Garland continued to open up on his decision to request his release and leave the PC in November 2021, noting that the recent regime changes made him dread going into work towards the end of his tenure. 

The former WWE Tag Team Champion also divulged that Vince McMahon wanted the PC coaches to look younger and they were asked through an intermediary to cut and dye their hair in order to achieve this.

"The next week it was 'Hey, Vince wants the coaches looking younger, so we need you guys to start dying your beards and cutting your hair'. The coaches. I literally lost sleep over it. A couple went and, you know, did it right away. 

"Dude, I've had every - just like you - every kind of facial hair. You know dyed, not dyed, the chin strap, the goatee, the beard. I've had everything, you know, spiked-up hair, bald head. So it's not about that, it was like, why are they just making us jump through hoops like monkeys? Just to see if we'll do it? So, you know, if you do that, what's next?".

Garland has since returned to the independent scene and he recently told Cultaholic Wrestling's Tom Campbell that he is "so excited" about his plans for 2022.

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