Seth Rollins Believes Today's Fans Have Less Patience For Long-Term Stories

Times have changed and so has media consumption...

Pro wrestling storytelling doesn't always have it easy, especially when trying to present traditional story arcs in this modern era, where media has greatly evolved.

Seth Rollins recently appeared on The Gorilla Position Podcast, where, among other topics, the "Monday Night Messiah" acknowledged the challenges faced by wrestling today, as week-to-week programming can be at a disadvantage when compared to other forms.

"In the age of instant gratification, audiences don't have the patience for long term storytelling," Rollins believes. "When you can binge watch your favorite series in two days, as opposed to two months, it creates a different precedent for how we intake our entertainment."

But Rollins does acknowledge that wrestling needs to find ways to meet that challenge, to better serve an audience that embraces how media is consumed in 2020 and beyond.

"We are consuming our entertainment differently, and wrestling is not immune to this shift. We have to adapt as well, to keep up with our audience. I am in my thirties, so I grew up to the longer form of entertainment. But our younger audience isn't wired that way."

(Credit to Wrestling Inc for transcription)

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