Seth Rollins On How WWE Can Improve

"There's so many things we all need to work on..."

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, WWE's product has been criticised by many. Some storylines have been branded nonsensical and the company's TV production under Kevin Dunn has been lambasted for containing a huge number of camera cuts. Monday Night Raw's ratings have also tumbled to all-time record lows.

Seth Rollins was recently asked by Bleacher Report how WWE can improve.

The Monday Night Messiah said: "There's always stuff to work on and, gosh, I think it's so hard to pinpoint one thing or two things really. I think things are tough creatively right now in the sense that we don't know where this whole thing is going to fall and we're in the Performance Center, so we're doing the best we can as far as what the aesthetic looks like, trying to get a crowd in there to make noise.

"Things from a viewers' perspective aren't quite the same. If we could somehow, if we're going under the pretence we don't know when live events are coming back and when a live audience is going to be in something the size of a sold-out Boston Garden or whatever, I think making it more fan-friendly, making it more aesthetically pleasing to an audience of a television show might go a long way. 

"That's just pulling a rabbit out of a hat because there's so many things we all need to work on every day. Not just the company, but myself, the talent around me, everyone in the back, the writers, the consistency, the conversations, the communication, everything could be better.

"It's so hard to pick just one thing and say, 'Ah, that's going to be the ticket, that's going to do it.' It's a work in progress, and I think going out there and consistently doing your job the best you can and helping other people out would be the best way to move this thing forward."

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