Seth Rollins Recalls Wrestling As ‘God'

Seth Rollins recalls his time wrestling as ‘God’

Seth Rollins certainly enjoys inserting religious iconography into his wrestling personas, with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion having wrestled as the ‘Monday Night Messiah’, and the ‘Drip God’ whilst also affectionately being referred to as ‘Crossfit Jesus’.

However, during his youth, Rollins once wrestled as God. Just straight up God. Rollins explained the moniker during an appearance on Mythical Kitchen’s Last Meals:

“I developed a bit of a reputation for having an ego. A little bit, for being full of myself. My brother is three years older than me and he is the opposite of me in that regard. He was very humble, very quiet, a well-mannered, selfless human being. Still is to this day. I was not that. I was the opposite of that, I was loud, I was boisterous, I was arrogant.

“And so we’re talking—he identified these characteristics in me, probably from a very young age, from 5 or 6 years old. He was already honing in on this,” Rollins noted. “So by the time I was 14, I couldn’t be stopped. [laughs] I couldn’t be stopped. As I was developing a character based around these personality traits, I thought, ‘Well, what better moniker for someone that thinks they’re the best at everything?’ You can’t go any higher, so God was the name.”

Rollins would eventually ditch the ‘God’ persona in order to become Tyler Black in Ring of Honor, before joining WWE in 2010. God them-self would wrestle in WWE, teaming with Shawn Michaels against Vince and Shane McMahon at Backlash 2006. Wrestling is odd.

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