Shane McMahon Tried To Pursue Brock Lesnar Following WWE WrestleMania Incident

Shane was not happy with Lesnar's actions at WrestleMania 34

Shane McMahon was hot at Brock Lesnar after WrestleMania 34. 

As captured by cameras filming for a WWE 24 documentary about the event, The Beast Incarnate threw his WWE Universal Title belt towards Vince McMahon when he got to the backstage Gorilla position following his poorly-received main event title defence against Roman Reigns. 

Backstage producer Brian 'Road Dogg' James was seated beside the Executive Chairman when the incident took place and recounted it during a recent edition of his Oh...You Didn't Know podcast.

James was unsure exactly why Lesnar was so angry at the time (and whether or not the whole thing was a work), but did recall that Shane wanted to confront Brock about it. 

"I don't really know (why Brock Lesnar was upset after the WrestleMania 34 main event). I honestly don't. What I remember of that is I almost got hit by the title. It (WWE 24 documentary) showed he threw the title across me to Vince (McMahon) and everybody kind of stood up like, what the crap was that? And so, I don't know. I didn't really know what went down then, and I wasn't about to go after Brock to find out...I remember Shane (McMahon) being in Gorilla and being hot and trying to go after Brock and I said, 'Hey, let's let it go, let it go. Let's just stay right here and all keep our teeth'. 

"So he was aiming for Vince (Road Dogg laughed) and he's a good aim. He's got a good aim, good throw, he had a good rotation on the title. But one of those straps almost caught me right in the mug...He aimed it to Vince. He didn't aim it at him, you know what I mean? It landed in front of him. It was safe. He could've hit all of us if he wanted to...I actually didn't know if it was a work or not because nobody said a word and nobody did anything. Sometimes they would do things and then laugh with each other later and stuff and then you go like, oh, I almost got killed in the crossfire there. I don't appreciate that. So you don't know, I don't know. I do remember Shane was hot and wanted to go and I was like, 'Ah'. So he ended up going so maybe he knew something I didn't know".

Brock and Shane reportedly had further issues backstage at the 2022 Royal Rumble, as Lesnar was unhappy with how McMahon conducted himself. Shane would temporarily depart the company following the event.

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