Shawn Michaels Details His Booking Philosophy

Shawn Michaels talks about overseeing WWE NXT creative.

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels recently spoke to The Ringer Wrestling Show, and discussed his NXT booking philosophy. HBK has overseen the brand since Triple H stepped away from his NXT duties, and spoke about prioritising long-term development over short-term quality.

"We have to combine putting on a two-hour entertaining wrestling show every week, but at the forefront of all of that, I usually try to focus on the development aspect. It is my job (and our job collectively at NXT) to bring these young men and women growth and experience, and help them to encounter things that they may encounter on the main roster. 

"So honestly that’s what I put at the forefront, repetition in those types of things from a television standpoint - whether it be storylines, promos, just television time, certain spots on the card [...] opening the show, the middle of the show, a personal storyline, a championship storyline, being on top, and understanding the pressures and the dedication and the lack of time off that one may have to go through. So there are a number of different aspects that we try to bring to this. [...] I always try to put development at the forefront. Look, sometimes that makes it challenging to put on the absolute best wrestling show that you can."

Michaels is the Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative in WWE. He has been in charge of the day-to-day running of NXT since September of 2021.

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