Shawn Michaels Rumoured To Be Making WWE Return In Saudi Arabia

Could HBK be breaking his eight-year retirement?

Shawn Michaels could be making a return to the ring, and it may be far sooner than anybody expected.

According to Dave Meltzer, HBK's return is likely, and could take place at WWE's next Saudi Arabia show on November 2nd.

If this report is true, it could be a very poorly-received decision by many fans - especially given the controversy and negative reaction generated by WWE's last Saudi Arabia show, the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Meltzer also reports that Michaels' return isn't thought to be a singles match, which could hint at a reunion with old tag partner Triple H. HBK appeared on this week's Raw to hype Triple H's upcoming match with Undertaker at Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia.

Undertaker then came out to confront Michaels, leading many to believe that another showdown between the pair is in the works.

Michaels and Undertaker have clashed in some of the most famous bouts in WWE history, from the first ever Hell in a Cell match in 1997, to their classic encounters at WrestleMania XXV and XXVI.

It was at WrestleMania XXVI that 'Taker defeated Michaels to end his WWE career - a stipulation which HBK has honoured in the eight years since.

Although potentially controversial and poorly-received, a Michaels return in Saudi Arabia is entirely plausible given the financial benefits to both WWE and HBK himself. The Greatest Royal Rumble demonstrated Saudi Arabia's demand for old-school wrestlers; Undertaker found himself on the card, and rumours in the show's aftermath suggested that both Yokozuna and Ultimate Warrior were requested bookings (despite both having passed away).

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