Shawn Spears Comments On The IIconics Possibly Signing With AEW

Could Peyton Royce and Billie Kay wind up in AEW?

During a recent interview with WrestleTalk, Shawn Spears commented on the possibility of The IIconics signing with All Elite Wrestling.

"Those kind of questions are a little above my pay grade. Being biased and obviously being selfish, of course, I think both of those women individually are incredible talents, but collectively they are over the moon in terms of talent. I don't need to sell Cassie Lee or Billie Kay, I don't need to sell any of those guys to you. You know what they are capable of, you know how highly entertaining they are, and when it comes to in-ring ability, they just complement each other so well," Spears said.

"In terms of where they'll show up (mimics praying) Tony why not? But again, those things are above my pay grade. When things like that happen, and they happen to everybody, I tell everybody this not just those two, but I've been released before. Everybody loses their job at some point, you're either there for 30 years and they give you a gold watch and you retire or things happen. 

"The main thing is how you bounce back. Really good individuals, really strong-willed individuals and people with even a chip on their shoulder, they have a tendency to bounce back and land on their feet, and those two women are going to land on their feet without question. Wherever they go, they're going to be on TV together somewhere. So selfishly I'd like us to get ahold of them first, but wherever they go they're going to make a massive impactful debut. I expect nothing less from those two."

Peyton Royce (now Cassie Lee) and Billie Kay (now Jessica McKay) previously worked in WWE but they were released along with eight other Superstars on April 15. 

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