Sheamus Recalls Bike Ride That Led To Edge's WWE Return

“All credit to him, dude. He looks amazing and he’s back doing what he wants to do”

Ahead of his come-back to WWE, Edge has said it was a bike ride with Sheamus that made him re-evaluate his retirement.

Now in conversation with Fightful, Sheamus has shed some more light on that fateful bike ride, saying:

"We’re on the bikes. We did two days. One day was working out in his [Edge’s] garage and then the second day was we went out on a mountain biking ride. He took off, mate. I’m like, the whole time, ‘I’m gonna end up on my face here. This is not gonna be good.’ I haven’t been mountain biking since I was a teenager.’ So, he’s taking off down the road. I’m like, ‘Oh, this is gonna be bad.’ I got two GoPros, put the GoPro on the bike. Wes switched it around. He just took off then because he wanted to do something to show off how good he is. ‘Cause he lives in Asheville, he lives in the mountains. He’s always on the bikes, so he just took off. I remember we got back and we’re looking at the card on the GoPro watching it back from when he spilled over. It just gave him his confidence back. Before that as well he got himself in great shape. He wouldn’t do the workout until he was entirely happy with the way he looked. Which is a credit to him. I thought he was just putting me off, thought he was fobbing me off, ‘Yeah, yeah, I’ll do it.’ But no, he made sure he got himself in great shape. All credit to him, dude. He looks amazing and he’s back doing what he wants to do when everyone had written him off. Ten years he was out of the ring.”

Edge’s long-time tag partner Christian also made a return to the ring after seven years out, and Sheamus has nothing but respect for Captain Charisma:

"Yeah, look at [Christian]. He’s killing it as well. It’s unbelievable. Age is just a number, man. It’s not about the age; it’s not about the numbers. It’s about what’s in here [gestures to heart] type of thing. It’s all about what’s in here, all about the passion you have and everything that goes with it. That’s what really matters. People put stuff on age, but the way we are, top athletes, top stars are performing to a later age. You have to put the hard work in, you have to stay dedicated, you know what I mean? You can’t take the foot off the gas. The rewards of that are continuing to do what you love to do."

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