"Speedball" Mike Bailey Provides Update On IMPACT Wrestling Status

How long will Mike Bailey be with IMPACT?

Current IMPACT Wrestling star Mike Bailey has provided an update on his contract status with the company. 

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet for Insight, Speedball noted that he will be with IMPACT for a few more years, while talking about the current state of the promotion, as well as his personal goals moving forward. 

"I mean, I'm gonna be with IMPACT Wrestling for a few more years. And I'm very excited about that. I want to grow along with IMPACT, and I think that's a big part of it. I feel like — I'm not taking any credit for it, but they have absolutely been making all the right moves. And Scott [D'Amore] has taken the company in a very, very interesting direction. And they have been growing, the shows have been consistently getting better. They've come out of the pandemic, and just knocked it out of the park. The live events are absolutely fantastic. And I think that I don't think there's a limit right now, to what I can do in IMPACT. And I think that the more all of us at IMPACT grow, the more the company is going to grow. And I feel like that's limitless, kind of. 

"But that being said, I want to outdo myself. And I know that people have said that my 2022 was a wild year, and my goal is just to make 2023 better, wherever and however that might be…I am a much better wrestler right now than I was at the beginning of the year. I am focused on growth and continuous improvement. And I feel like I've achieved that. And I feel like my work itself is going to keep getting better in 2023. 

"I mean, like with how wrestling is evolving and changing, there's new opportunities constantly. I mean, forbidden door things that are happening now like they never have before. I got to wrestle KENTA recently at Pro Wrestling REVOLVER [and I had] match with Jon Moxley, I wrestled Will Ospreay earlier in the beginning of the year. I mean, I wrestled Dax Harwood two weeks ago in a, you know, big forbidden door extraordinaire match. And I feel like that just makes the possibilities endless. And if I can continue to wrestle all the best wrestlers in the world and keep getting better while I do it, I feel like that's enough of a goal".

The former X-Division Champion recently wrestled Josh Alexander for the IMPACT World Title in a match that went 59 minutes.

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