Stephanie McMahon Comments On Her Heel Character In WWE

"The persona I had created was an outlet for me."

Stephanie McMahon has opened up on the process she underwent in creating her character in WWE. 

McMahon, who serves as WWE's Chief Brand Officer, has largely portrayed a heel during her time on-screen for WWE. She has been a key character on both Raw and Smackdown for other 20 years and most recently served as RAW Commissioner. 

McMahon has revealed that her heel character serves as an 'outlet' for her to express herself and is a switch from the person she tries to be in real-life, albeit the character takes inspiration from certain people she has spent time with. 

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, she said: "I have always gravitated towards the villains in any story. I find them to be deeper, more interesting characters. The persona I had created was an outlet for me. I have always drawn from people around me.

"I tend to be trusting and respectful because of which I’ve been taken advantage of all my life. I’ve had a lot of times when I have been undermined, so I draw from those people and I put that lens on. And it has been so fun to portray that character because ultimately, the bad guy never really wins. 

"So, to be able to give that back to the audience is amazing. I love to be able to give the hero that moment because the bigger the villain, the more powerful is the hero that vanquishes the villain."

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