Stephanie McMahon: Why Vince McMahon Hates Nodding And Sneezing

Don't sneeze in front of the boss!

Stephanie McMahon has opened up on why her father Vince McMahon holds a disdain for nodding and sneezing. 

Rumours around the WWE Chairman's odd quirks have circulated for years, with references to his dislike for sneezing in particular capturing the imagination of fans and pundits. 

The speculation about McMahon's dislike for sneezing in particular gained traction in 2018 when Jimmy Jacobs commented on it. Brodie Lee, the former Luke Harper in WWE, even referenced McMahon's hatred of sneezing in an AEW vignette, yelling at Alex Reynolds for sneezing.

His daughter has now confirmed that Vince McMahon hates people nodding and sneezing around him, offering the reasons behind each particular dislike.

McMahon told the Bill Simmons podcast: "He feels like [nodding] influences the room. If someone is talking and someone else is nodding, you're going to influence the room. You shouldn't influence the room. Let people think what they want to think. 

"He hates sneezing because it's involuntary and he cannot control it. He hates sneezing. It's anyone, but especially when it's him."

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