Stevie Ray Recalls WCW Incident That Made Randy Savage 'Livid'

The Macho Man did not react well to a spot planned for a tag match

WWE Hall of Famer Stevie Ray recently recalled an incident that left Randy Savage 'livid'. 

Appearing on the Grue Rume Show, the Harlem Heat member told a story of how he and his brother Booker T were set to clash with Savage and Sting on a WCW show. 

Prior to the bout, backstage agent/producer Mike Graham instructed the foursome that Booker was to kick out of the Macho Man's top-rope elbow drop finisher, which had the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion going ballistic. 

"That was a very serious situation because we were caught between a rock and a hard place. We didn't know Randy Savage personally at the time, we only knew him as a wrestler," Ray said. 

On his reaction to being told about the planned spot, Stevie remembered:

"I looked at my brother and my brother looked at me. We kinda looked at each other like, 'Did you just hear what I just heard?'...Randy is about to go nuts, he was livid, and I went 'Hey brother, calm down'. We'll just change it up, we won't do it".

The former WCW Tag Team Champion noted that, from that day on, Savage considered Stevie and Booker his 'boys'. 

According to records, the match took place at a February 25, 1995, WCW Saturday Night taping. Savage and Sting ended up beating Harlem Heat by DQ in the WCW Tag Team Title match.

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