Sting Asked Kevin Nash To Be Physically Involved In AEW Revolution Retirement Match

Kevin Nash explains that Sting asked him to be physically involved in his AEW Revolution retirement match.

Sting asked Kevin Nash to be involved in his retirement match at AEW Revolution, according to Nash himself. Speaking on an episode of his Kliq This podcast, Nash explained:

"I got contacted by [Sting]. He was telling me what he wanted me to do and in that same breath he said, 'What can you do physicality-wise?' If anybody wants to know why Kevin Nash was at home, that's why. He asked me what I could do physicality-wise.

"Once you get there, then you have to tell everybody else, Steamboat and everyone else involved in this thing, 'I'm not doing it. I'm not doing anything.' On top of that, you have people going through glass. Whether it's rigged glass or not, I talked to a friend of mine that said the shards of that glass - whether it was candy-coated safety or whatever - cut people that were in the crowd. I think it was the one where Sting hit with his ass. All you need is someone to get some kind of injury, and I've been in the ring before when people have gotten injured. I promise you, they're going to sue AEW. They're going to sue AEW and all the independent contractors involved in the match."

Nash previously claimed that he turned down the chance to be a part of the match because of his status with WWE. However, on the more recent episode he seems to completely contradict this, explaining:

"It had nothing to do with Triple H. It had nothing to do with me being a WWE guy. It had everything to do with I know what's right for me, I know what's right for the match, I know what's right for the evening. I did exactly what I thought was right, which is stay the f*** at home."

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