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9. Al Snow Talks JOB Squad

The job squad wwe

Being the leader of the JOB Squad probably isn't the highlight of Al Snow's long career. 

Or maybe it is? It's not like I've actually asked him or anything...

Well, I'm sure he doesn't look at it as his greatest achievement or anything, but the story of its formation is actually quite interesting, as the former Hardcore and European Champion outlined to The Wrestling Inc. Daily

"The JOB Squad started out as me just being a smart aleck. In catering one day, I was with Jim Cornette and a bunch of the guys. It was during the time when they were all having gangs. Undertaker had a gang. Everybody had a gang. It got to the point where real life basically copied art, in that in the locker room guys started dividing themselves into groups. You had the Kliq at that time, and everybody was very resentful and jealous of the Kliq because they pretty much ran WWF at that time.

There were some people that kind of lost touch with the business, in that when they won they felt like they really won. You kind of forgot the etiquette and respect that’s in the wrestling business. The real reason behind why we shake each other’s hands. They thought that when they won, they really won, and I just found that absurd. I was so frustrated with it. 

Sitting there with Cornette, you know, I proclaimed I was going to form my own gang. Aldo Montoya (Justin Credible), Chris Candido, Barry Horowitz, myself. It was like five or six guys. He was like, ‘That’s ridiculous’. And I said, ‘Yeah, I know, and we’re going to call ourselves the JOB Squad’”.

It may have started out as a joke borne out of frustration but, despite being on the losing side more often than not, the JOB Squad was a hit when it came to merchandise: 

"It started out like that, but then the guys in ECW, when I had quit WWE and went to ECW as a loaner, meaning loaned to ECW not a loner by myself, the guys there thought it was great. They kept insisting, ‘Oh, you got to make t-shirts. You got to make t-shirts'.

I wanted to be the antithesis of the most popular thing at the time, what was getting pushed the most, which was the nWo. I made the very opposite of what you think would sell: a white t-shirt and made the JOB Squad logo similar to the nWo, and then put 1-2-3 4-Life on the back, ‘pin me, pay me’ with a chalk outline. It went crazy. All the boys wanted one. 

At the ECW events, this was in the infancy of the internet, thanks to Jeff Jones who was an amazing guy. Jeff set me up with an internet website and stickers and all this stuff so people could order. It just went crazy. I sold probably more than three thousand shirts from May to October of that year, for 25 bucks a shirt back then.

Road Dogg really helped when he wore a ‘Property of JOB Squad’ t-shirt out on RAW. He somehow wore it out there. People saw it and it went even crazier. It was a fun and great time. I was very blessed it went the way that it did”.

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