Sunil Singh Reveals Dislocated Shoulder Suffered In Final WWE Match

The Bollywood Boyz were released at the end of June

Sunil Singh has revealed how he sustained a dislocated shoulder in his final match working for WWE.

Singh, along with with brother Samir, were released by WWE at the end of June after five years working for the promotion

The two made their final appearance on WWE television on the June 21 episode of 205 Live in a tag-team match against August Grey & Ikemen Jiro, and Sunil has now revealed that he suffered a shoulder injury during what would be his last match in WWE.

Speaking to Sean Waltman on Pro Wrestling 4 Life, Sunil said: "My last match in WWE was with a dislocated shoulder. Finished that match with my shoulder hanging out of my socket. My opponent went to give me a kick and the kick took my momentum of my arm over my shoulder. My shoulder popped out. 

"I kayfabed the referee and said 'I'm good.' I popped my shoulder back in. Nowadays, you'd roll out and call it a night, but I was like 'Eff this,' and I wanted to keep going. I went to the hospital after that, got my shoulder put back, and it was all off a flatback bump."

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