The Godfather Reveals He Smoked Marijuana In The Undertaker's Coffin In WWE

Because of course he did

The Godfather has revealed he was once so desperate to have a smoke of marijuana backstage in WWE that he briefly hid in one of the Undertaker's coffins to take a drag.

Charles 'The Godfather' Wright has been an advocate and user of marijuana for a number of years, having first noted he started using it at 27-years-old.

The Godfather was known for his use of the drug backstage in WWE and would be found smoking before and after shows and events. 

The WWE Hall Of Famer has now admitted he once even smoked it while waiting backstage at a show, quickly hiding inside of one of Undertaker's coffins for a 'one-hitter'.

Speaking on D-Von Dudley’s Table Talk podcast, he said: "One time, man, I had to smoke and I couldn’t. I couldn’t find a place.

"I swear this is true. I had a one-hitter – we used to call them one-hitter quitters – and I jumped in the coffin, [smoked], then I popped out of the coffin.

"I swear it, I swear that’s true… I smoked in the coffin."

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